Get customer feedback. Build the right features.

Feedbacko is a customer feedback toolkit to help you collect, manage and respond to user feedback in one place.

Customer feedback tool

How does it work?

Say goodbye to customer feedback scattered around different tools, from support tickets to wiki pages and messy Trello boards.

Feedbacko helps customer-obsessed product managers, developers and founders to collect, manage and respond to customer feedback in one place.

It’s simple, straight forward and helps you focus on what really matters: building products your users love.

Here’s some of the things that make Feedbacko great for customer-driven development:

Collect customer feedback

Feedbacko is customer-centric. Brings your customers into the design process, to work with you on what features are important. By giving your users a voice and letting them suggest and discuss features, you can better understand their needs.

Feature voting

Feedbacko is engaging. Let your users vote on the features they want the most so you can understand the biggest problems they’re facing. The hard part of making software isn’t adding features, but adding the right features.

Prioritize and roadmap

Feedbacko is flexible. Prioritize features and make a roadmap to share where your product’s going with your users. Great companies are open, honest and include their users in the shaping of the product.

Share updates with your users

Feedbacko is conversational. Shipped a high-requested feature to production? Let your users know! With Feedbacko it’s easy to share updates to feature requests and keep your users in the loop.

Invite team members to your board

Coming soon

Feedbacko is collaborative. Bring your team on the same page so you and your team can focus on what you do best: shipping great products.

Get feedback in minutes

Invite your users and get feedback from them in just a few clicks.